On September 11th, 2001; faceless, cowardly, gutter religion spouting Islamists hijacked 4 airliners, and crashed them into the heart, minds, and soul of America.  From the depths of that carnage, death, and destruction rose a new America.  An angered America.  A patient America.  An America out to reestablish its position as the greatest country on this earth.  

Out of those senseless deaths, came hero's and a new fire in our belly.  Islam is foul gutter religion suitable only for pigs.  It's time we gave them their fondest dream, and quickly ushered them to meet their feckless and cowardly "Allah".  This section will stay here until the vermin responsible for this atrocity are exterminated!

In memory of our fellow Americans:
"We shall never forgive!  And we shall never forget!"