Authentic German Potato Salad

Making real, authentic German potato salad isn't science as much as it is an art.  Anybody that feeds you something that contains mayonnaise and calls it "German" is feeding you a bill of goods!  There is NO MAYONNAISE in real German potato salad!  Period!  This recipe comes directly from my very German mother and from her mothers before her.  While it reflects how I cook, it may or may not reflect the way this salad is made in either all parts of Germany or the rest of the world.  I have posted this recipe here at the request of my dearest granddaughter.

Serves about 8 - 10.



Cook potatoes.  Peel while still hot.  Let cool.  Slice thinly.

Chop onions.  And put as much of them as you like into a 3-cup or larger container.

Heat the beef broth, or boil water and add the beef bouillon, pour over the onions.  Let soak about 5-minutes or so, or until the bullion cubes have dissolved.  This will soften the onions and suffuse the flavor.  If you like a bit more of the onion crunch, soften less of the onions and toss them on afterwards.

Pour over potatoes.  Add salt, pepper, vinegar, and oil to taste.  You should be using about twice as much vinegar as oil.


Thinly slice/dice bacon.  Fry up until just crispy.  Add the bacon and replace some of the oil with some of the bacon fat.

Finely chop some fresh parsley or fresh dill and sprinkle over the top.