Iron Skillet Potatoes

Last revised:  23.Sep.07

Those of you that know how I cook, know that I work only with fresh, natural ingredients; and that I seek out a goal of low-carbohydrate consumption.  Why?  It's because I found out what things make you fat, and now work on how to avoid doing that.  Eating excess carbohydrates are at the heart of that problem.  So take care that you don't overindulge in these lovely beauties.  You can serve these wholesome, tasty tubers with beef, pork, or just about any other meat or poultry.  Although not quite as low-carb as most of my recipes, this one can still find a home in the carbohydrates restricted way of eating.  Just use smaller portions, and don't do it too often.


Bake these potatoes, cut-side down, in a cast iron skillet (I prefer cast-iron, but any pan will do) into a cold oven set to 400F for 40-50 minutes.

On a flat-plate, mix together the rosemary, salt, paprika, and garlic.

Pour the oil into a small bowl.  Drop in each potato and coat with oil (I use my hands), set potatoes aside (I use the still-cold pan).  Pour any oil that's left into the pan.

Press, each potato, cut-side down, into the dry spread.  Place each one, cut-side down, into the pan.  Touching is okay, but they shouldn't overlap.

If you have a cover for your pan you can bake them on the stove over medium-low heat, else you can put them into a cold oven set to 400F for 40-50 minutes.

Or, if you happen to be making my "Chicken Done Right", you can put 'em on the grill alongside the chicken...just don't be turning the potatoes.  Bake/roast until the potato is golden brown on the cut side, and is easily pierced with a fork through the skin-side.

Serve with sour-cream or yoghurt; topped with chopped green-onions, chives, or shredded parmesan cheese.