Garam Masala

Fragrant, spicy, and easily used in a wide variety of foods and drink; Garam Masala is one of the centerpieces of southeast Asian cooking--especially Indian, Pakistan, and that area.  Virtually nothing is made without this necessary component.

There are about as many ways of making it as there are chefs using it.  Here are a few of the more common recipes:

Simple Garam Masala

Blend together well.

Fresh Garam Masala

Mix all ingredients in a small, thick, heavy iron pan.  Roast on a low flame till crisp and golden.  It should give off a strong, spicy aroma.  Cool.

Pound into a coarse powder, either in a mortal with a pestle, or grind in any spice grinder.

Use as required.

Punjab Garam Masala

Dry grind all ingredients except (if using) powdered ginger.  Do not roast.  Mix in the ginger powder.  Use as store as general.

Note: An ounce = about 30 grams; exact measurements are more a matter of choice and availability.