The very best Margaritas we ever had were hand-made for us at the Villa del-Sol (, on the Playa la Ropa, Zihuatanejo, Mexico.  That Margarita was the creation of an amicable and energetic fellow that goes by the name of, Senor Orlando. 

Senor Orlando's bar, (, serves only the finest drinks, created by his hand from raw natural ingredients.  I watched him crush the sugar can for sweetening, the fresh limes and lemons, and pour the hooch as well.  It all added to wonderful opportunities to practice my fact, after one of his Margarita's, I could speak it as well as a native...(I think...)...

The basic recipe: a dozen tiny ice-cubes, a splash of fresh sugar cane juice (1/4-1/2 cup of so), the juice from a each of a well crushed lime and lemon, 2-large shots of Triple sec, and then filled-to-the-rim with Tequila.  After one of those...we were reduced to attempting to crawl back to our rooms...

Since fresh sugar cane is hard to come by in most places north and east, he told me that you can modify the recipe by doubling up on the triple sec in order to sweeten the drink sans cane.


Stir, and serve in a salt-rimmed glass.  There's no advantage to using expensive Tequila.  Cheap, white, plain tequila works just fine.  You can vary the amounts to suit your tastes and accommodate the size of the glass you're using.  Enjoy!