Tom's Bread

This bread recipe is from an eFriend named, Tom Vincent, a resident of the great state of Virginia (Vicky, eat your heart out!).  I received it in pieces formatted as prose.  I've taken the liberty to edit it [slightly] and stitch it together as a recipe.

I've had an opportunity to try out this recipe.  Elegant in its simplicity, this fine light-crusted white bread is every bit as good as it sounds.  Thank you, Tom, for sharing it with our family.

At the time [as a new resident to Virginia] we couldn't buy any bread here that we wanted to eat.  Tried several from a bread cookbook, "Uncle John's" and settled on a few we liked.  Then one day I forgot one ingredient.  SUCCESS!  Better without oil.  This is a Mediterranean style bread:

Mix the water, sugar, and yeast; let it rest, briefly.  Add the flour and salt; kneading as little as possible.

Let rise once, form loaves, use the corn starch and water mix to "glue" on the Sesame seeds, and promptly pop 'em in a cold oven.  Bake on a cornmeal covered sheet.  Makes 2-3 loaves. 

Turn your oven "ON" to 450F, and bake for 23 minutes.  Actual baking time will vary with dough moisture and the amount of time it takes your particular oven to heat up.  So be prepared to adjust accordingly.  A little time and experience will tell you when it's done just right...

NB:  Cold oven--crust is better that way.  Second rising happens as the oven heats up.  A "normal" second rising will result in flatter loaves.  Over-kneading removes the large air bubbles and makes tougher bread.  

I do this usually twice/wk.  Some of the dough gets used for pizza and/or Calzone.  Freezes well.  Wonderful as French toast.  -- Tom Vincent