The Danger From Trans-Fats

Increasingly these days a class of foods known as "trans-fats" can be found in most of the foods one can purchase OTS.

These dangerous highly processed fats are used in the place of natural oils because they reduce costs, extend storage life of products, and can improve the perceived flavor and texture.

Although it's changing, currently food companies are not required to list them on their nutrition labels, so the unwary consumer has no way of knowing how much trans-fat is in the food you're eating.  In addition, there is no recommended 'upper safety limit' for the daily intake of these vile fake foods.  The only comment that the FDA has made is:  "[the] intake of trans fats should be as low as possible."

While some foods like bakery items and foods fried in trans-fat rich oils (nearly all of those used in "fast-food" joints--although that *is* changing!) are obvious sources of trans-fats, other processed foods such as packaged cereals and waffles, crackers, chips, pretzels, and an endless list of other packaged/processed foods can also contain trans-fats.  One tip to determine the amount of trans-fats in a food is to read the ingredient label and look for: "shortening", and "hydrogenated" or "partially hydrogenated oil".  The higher up on the list these ingredients appear, the more trans-fats you're getting!

Your body CAN NOT USE these materials properly!  If, due to a lack of a "proper fat" it forces a trans-fat molecule into a spot that requires a real fat-molecule, only damage and disruption can follow.

Friends don't let friends consume trans-fats!