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eco-left - e·co·left.  A collection of pseudo-scientific nitwits that purport to support any manner of ecological cause.  Most of these well intentioned causes have their roots in secular, socialist, anti-consumerism movements under cover of the stalwart liberal left.  Without exception, all of the causes supported by these groups are completely without scientific merit or basis--usually resting solely on the "beliefs" of a majority of the adherents.

energy - en·er·gy.  1 a: dynamic quality <narrative energy> b: the capacity of acting or being active <intellectual energy>, 2: vigorous exertion of power, 3: the capacity for doing work, 4: usable power (as heat or electricity); also : the resources for producing such power.
synonym see POWER . A noun, plural -gies;  Etymology: Late Latin energia, from Greek energeia activity, from energos active, from en in + ergon work.  Date: 1599

insolation - in·so·la·tion.  1) Exposure to the suns rays; 2) the rate of delivery of direct solar radiation per unit of horizontal surface; broadly: that relating to solar radiation.  A noun from French or Latin; French, from Latin insolation-, insolatio, from insolare to expose to the sun, from in- + sol sun; circa 1617

photovoltaic - photo·vol·ta·ic.  The action or operation of direct electricity production through the use of junctions of specific dissimilar metals in response to direct photon impingement.

power - pow·er.  1)  ability to act or produce an effect, 2) a source or means of supplying energy; especially: electricity, motive power, 3) the time rate at which work is done or energy emitted or transferred


Glossary of terms for the Innerlodge Power & Energy discussions. 

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