The Water Processing System

InnerLodge will have a state-of-the-art water processing system.  The intent of this system is for us to be able to process all of our waste water onsite.  Although we will only use it for irrigation and/or development of a wetlands for birds, after the final stage of processing the water should be fit to drink.


All waste water collected at the lodge will be separated at the point of generation into parallel "gray" (sink and drain waste water) and "black" (toilet/human waste) water systems.  These separate outflows will be collected near the eventual site of processing, and combined and treated in the usual manner using a conventional septic system as an interim (and hot back-up) measure.

Once the lodge building has reached nominal completion, the permanent water processing system will be designed and built.  Water will be biologically treated with a combination of micro and macro fauna and flora in a cascading series of tanks and/or pools.  Although pumps and other equipment may be needed for maintenance, the basic system will be designed to operate using only gravity and sunlight.  In addition, these pools/stages must ALL be both safe and non-revolting.  They can pose no danger to small children or animals, and must not be either odious or an eye-sore.

It is expected that this design and building will be an on-going process; since many of the design requirements are not known at this time.  The incoming flow rate of water to be processed has to be determined, the rate of biologic capability per area/volume/flow needs to be assessed, the weather and environmental considerations (and their impact upon the biologic "workers") need to be evaluated, and the size needed to process all of that water needs to be determined.

Given the difficulty with which I've been able to find and collate this information, I'm of the mind that there is some move afoot (by individuals with vested interests--no, not some government conspiracy) to keep this information out of the public purview.  This would also indicate that a completed plan of how to do this would have possibly considerable value.  Consequently, it would make sense to keep some of these details private--for the moment, at least...