This is just a temporary page that I've thrown together for those of you close enough that I've given you this direct address.  For whatever stupid reasons guide my activities, I'd simply not yet made this long ignored page real.  For the moment, there's no linked access, so you'll just have to follow the link that I gave you to get here.  Obviously, if you're reading're here!

You should be able to click on the link below to get to the docs--such as they are at the moment.  Much of it is incomplete, sections are unorganized, and most things are still unfinished.

I'm sure that for years to come that this will be a "work in progress", so it's never going to be completely done.  It will eventually become the written, narrative and pictorial record of the entire process.  All of the design plans and specifications, equipment lists, everything needed to build and maintain the lodge will be specified here (well, except for the various security features).

The book of InnerLodge.

The water processing facility <TBD>.

The power generation facility <TBD>.

The Home Automation system <TBD>.

The floor plan <TBD>.