The Lodge units will be built using a combination of two emerging technologies:  ICF, Insulated Concrete Forms; and SIP, Structural Insulated Panels.  Together, they're known as SCIPS (Structural Concrete Insulating Panels) or Welded Wire Sandwich Panels.  All just different ways of saying a foam core surrounded by an iron mesh space cage.  Here are a few examples: TriDiPanel and Green Sandwich Technology.  There are others; as well as we may patent our own design of this usage.

Each unit will be built of prefabricated, EPS (Expanded Poly-Styrene) foam cored panels surrounded by a 2-inch square, steel, welded-wire space frame.  The foam core panel sections will be glued together, and additional wire bracing and reinforcements will be affixed with hog-ring clip pliers.  When assembly is complete, the exterior and interior surfaces will be sprayed with a standard, 2,500 PSI Portland Cement concrete mixture applied as via the Gunite (dry mix) process.

The resulting structure will be hurricane proof, tornado proof, earthquake proof, termite proof, and sound proof.  In effect, this will become a disaster proof structure.  In addition to being built with environmentally friendly and mostly recycled building products, it will be inherently energy efficient...and has the very real possibility of lasting a thousand years or more...

Each wall section will be prefabricated on site, and may include doors and windows, pre-covered so as to be spray ready.  A wall section consists of a three-dimensional space-frame made of 2-inch welded-wire mesh, with cross-trusses for stress transfer and stiffness.  The outer surface of each side will be covered with concrete.

Each truss wire is a 9-gauge galvanized wire which is punched through the EPS core and welded to each wire surface fabric side.  The purpose of the truss wires is to form triangles that become truss bridges between the sides.  These will give the overall panel enormous strength.

This same structure style will also be used for the floor, ceilings, and roof as well.

While the slab and outside will be the typical gray Portland cement, the interior will be sprayed on with "White" cement.  This should yield a brilliant, white, durable, "deep" finish on the interior.  Further, the floors will be diamond, wet-polished to a glass like finish.  You can see an example here.  For most areas, that will be the default.  Carpet, wood or tile flooring and other finishes can be applied over that.