Fried potatoes

The lowly and oft denigrated potato is a 'new-world' food that became an 'old-world' staple.  Fried potatoes, in one form or another, are eaten the world around.  They are especially prized and popular in the Rhineland area of the country of my birth.  Those of you that know how I cook, know that only fresh, whole ingredients find their way onto my table.  This simple fare is both nutritious and easy to prepare.  Serves four.



Wash and survey potatoes removing any surface soils, nicks, "eyes", or other defects.  Peel them if you like, I don't.  Cut into fine slices (a "Mandolin" style slicer works very well), slicing them on the thin side so that they'll cook through before they cinder on the outside.

Heat the oil in a large pan (cast iron is wonderful here!).  Add the potatoes and allow them to start roasting on the bottom.  Add the minced onions and continue to fry the mixture turning occasionally as needed to prevent burning for a total of about 25 minutes, or until the potatoes start getting soft, through.  Add salt and pepper to taste as you cook.  I use about a tablespoon of salt, and half that of pepper.  Adjust them to suit your desired results.

Potatoes prepared like this are especially good when topped with meats and sauces, and served next to a salad.  A good, hearty, cellar-cool ale goes well with this dish.