Savory Potato-Leek Soup

Rev 1.00, last revised:  09-Feb-08

This is a quick and easy soup that's simply excellent on a cold and rainy night.  This savory soup is easy to make.  However, this recipe is not as low-carb as most of my don't overdo it!  Like everything else, do things in moderation.

NB:  If you're one of those clueless cadre of folks that think dietary fats are what clogs your arteries or pads your thighs, you should probably read here or not read further.  Given that you have no grasp of (human) physiological reality, nothing that I could possibly write here will be to your liking--or something you're going to want to eat.
The only ingredients in this recipe that can negatively impact your gross body weight are the potatoes and the leeks...

Serves:  6


Cut the bacon cross-wise into small strips.  In a sauté pan or large enough pot, cook the bacon until almost crisp.  While the bacon is cooking, split the leeks, and wash them carefully in cold water.  Slice the leeks lengthwise from well into the green part to the white base.  Cut across the leek in fine slices.  Include some of the green portion.  You want to end up with about 2-3 cups or so.

When the bacon is nearly crisp, remove a half-cup or so of the bacon chips.  Set aside as garnish.  Add the leeks.  If there's more than a few tablespoons of bacon fat, you may wish to remove some of it.  If there's not enough fat, add some butter.  The idea is to cover the leeks with either the bacon fat and/or the butter as they're cooking.  There's usually enough fats to cover them with all the bubbling (I use whatever's in there).  Cook until the leeks start to become glossy and somewhat transparent.

While the leeks are cooking, scrub and coarsely chop the potatoes into small cubes (~1/2 in. or so).  You may peel if you wish, I don't.  When the leeks are done, if you were using a sauté pan, pour the bacon and leeks into your soup pot.

Add the chicken broth or water to the pot, as well as the bay leaves.  Bring to a gentle boil and add the potatoes.  Simmer until the potatoes are done--they break apart when poked with a fork...about 30 minutes or so.  Use a potato-masher to mash some of the potato chunks against the bottom of the pan (or use a spoon to squash 'em against the side of the pan).

Stir in the milk & cream (or half-n-half) and just heat through.  Turn off the heat.  Add salt & pepper as desired.  Allow to sit for 10-minutes or so to allow the flavors to mingle while you prepare the garnish.

While the soup is sitting, chop up a few tablespoons of parsley.  Or, take a few inches of the leek greens left over from the previous step; cut in half, spread flat, and slice very thinly--lengthwise.  Use either of these and/or the Paprika to garnish the soup when served.

Enjoy it with a few heavily buttered slices of Provender, Francesi, or San Francisco Sourdough French bread; and a hot fire-poker warmed, Bock beer; a glass of chilled Chardonnay; or glass of cellar cool Cabernet Sauvignon.