Mexican Salad Recipe

Here's a simple salad with a Mexican twist.

Toss all ingredients except Fritos, meat, and dressing together and refrigerate.  Just before serving, add the dressing, meat, and chips.

Toss well and serve.  Enjoy!

Salad Dressing:

To make the dressing, mix together the following ingredients.

The preceding is the basic recipe for catsup (or ketchup if you prefer).  For those suffering from sever advanced culinary deficiency, you can use a cup of catsup (or ketchup) instead.

To the tomato dressing base, described above, add:

The jalapeño pepper should be washed and seeded.  Be aware that they can be very hot.  However they will vary with age, where grown, time-of-year, and most importantly, how "hot" you like things.  I use a whole one, but we're used to the bite.

Put all of the preceding ingredients into a blender and blend on high for about 30-seconds.  And voila!  Real Mexican salad dressing.  The culinary clueless may purchase an 8-ounce bottle of Catalina dressing instead.  Add a few drops of Tabasco or other hot sauce to give it some zip.

NB:  Yes, I could have included the extra ingredients with the tomato dressing base.  But I wanted to highlight how easy it was to make catsup (ketchup), and how easily it's extended for other purposes.