Caramelized Onions

Rev 1.00 last revised:  02-Feb-09

I really, really love old recipes.  Mostly, I like them because I like things simple, which is at the heart of how I cook.  One of the hidden advantages of older recipes are that they're usually simple and to the point.  And on that point, are lovely, fragrant, caramelized onions.  Mild, flavorful, and slightly sweet, few things are easier to make--or screw up!

It's become a common fiction in the hurry up world we live in today that caramelized onions are best made with medium-high heat and sugar.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  They!  Do!  Not!  The onion itself contains a great deal of the natural sugars that just need a bit of coaxing with some slow and gentle heat to become a beautiful, sweet, brown, bit of gourmand wonder.


Set your skillet over a low to medium-low heat.  This will take some time.  But, trust me, these lovely onions are well worth the wait.

While the pan and oil is heating, slice your onions into " slices and add to the skillet.  Make as many as you like adjusting the oil as you add onions.  But for best results, the onions should at least cover the bottom of the skillet.

As they slowly cook, continue to stir and turn the onions.  I prefer chef's tongs.  Total cooking time will vary a bit with temperature, pan, and amount of onions, but should be about 35-45 minutes.  The final result will be a medium brown onion that is very soft.  Remember, slow and steady is the best way to prepare this delicious accompaniment to steaks, chicken, pizza, and even layered on sandwiches.