Chicken, Alice Springs Style

Last revised:  23.Sep.07

This is my version of a recipe by that name from the Outback Steakhouse .  Next to Applebee's , this is one of our favorite places to eat when we eat out.  This recipe makes one generous (very!) serving.


Begin by gently browning the bacon.  Remove from pan, crumble when cool (or cut into fine strips before cooking).

Next, add the coconut oil to the pan and heat over medium-high heat.  Dust the chicken with salt and the Cayenne pepper; add to the oil.  Allow to cook through turn as needed to brown all sides.

Remove chicken to a holding plate.  Sprinkle with the crumbled bacon and cheddar cheese.  Cover and allow the cheese to melt.

Add the thinly sliced red onions to the oil left in pan.  Stir-fry gently for up to a minute. 

Add the garlic, and stir briefly.

Add the thinly sliced green-peppers and stir again.  Stir and fry until veggies approach tender-crisp.

Add spinach and continue cooking until the spinach wilts (and turns dark green).

Spread veggies over plate, top with chicken, garnish with sour cream.