Italian Dressing

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We use Italian dressing for many things.  But our favorite way of using it is to marinate vegetables just before we toss 'em on the barbeque.  My favorite dressing for doing that?  Kraft "Zesty Italian".  But, unlike their "regular" Italian dressing, the "zesty" version has HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) in it as the sweetener--and that is simply unacceptable!  You can read why I eschew HFCS here.

This recipe is my current attempt at recreating the taste of that dressing.  Most folks that make it tell me that they can't tell it apart from the manufactured one.  That seems to be my conclusion as well.  Enjoy!


Yield:  about 2 cups

In a bottle or cruet (or in a small bowl using a whisk), mix or shake together all ingredients (except oil) until well blended and salts have dissolved.

Add oil and shake or stir well to mix.