Hot Bacon Dressing

Last revised:  23.Sep.07

Those of you that know how I cook, know that I work only with fresh, natural ingredients.  We like our veggies whole, natural and fresh.  This dressing recipe is for your basic spinach salad.  Use with this shrimp recipe or any other fresh spinach dish.

This recipe makes enough dressing for approximately 4-cups of washed, fresh spinach leaves; and serves 2-3.


Cook bacon in a large enough skillet over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally, until crisp.  Alternatively, you can cook it whole and crumble it.

Stir in vinegar, sugar and mustard;  stir until sugar is dissolved.

Toss over freshly picked, washed and cleaned spinach.  Optional; add sliced, fresh mushrooms and/or crumbled feta cheese.


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