Rev 0.36, last revised:  15-Nov-06

This Poilâne recipe is based on and evolved from a recipe posted by, Kenneth J. Sole, on rec.food.sourdough.  The original text (reformatted a bit--but otherwise intact) is included below.  My contribution is altering and rearranging the sequence of operations, and modifying the quantity's to conform to *my* way of making this wonderful and delicious bread.

Day 1 ~2130hrs:

Mix well, and ferment at 70F until next morning.

Day 2 ~0730hrs:

Mix, knead, and refrigerate for 24 hours

Day 3:

Slash, put into COLD oven set for 500F for 40 minutes with water (steam).  Enjoy!


Day 1, 2130:
474g Water, 120g of proofed starter, 236g coarse whole wheat, ferment at 69F.

16 oz             4 oz               8 oz            <-by weight

16 oz              ¼-cup       1-3/4 cup                   <-by volume

Day 2, 0730:
add 65g coarse rye, 254g KA AP flour, 170g whole spelt flour, 20g salt.

2.5 oz                       9 oz                            6 oz                              .7 oz           <-by weight

½-cup                    2-cups                         1-1/4 cups                    1-Tbsp       <-by volume

Knead fully, then refrigerate 24 hours.

Day 3:
Form boule, ferment at 69F for 5 hours. 

Preheat oven to 490F.  Slash, bake for 35 minutes with steam for first 15.

474g water; 120g starter; 236g WW; 65g Rye; 254g AP; 170g Spelt; & 20g salt; 490F-35min.


LIQUID measure equivalents used here:

1 oz = ~ 28g          2 oz = ¼ cup          8 oz = 1 cup          16 oz = 1 pint (2-cups)

1 oz = 2 Tbsp

DRY measure equivalents used here:




¼ CUP (2 oz)

All-purpose flour

4-1/4 ounces

121 grams

30 grams

Bread flour

4-1/2 ounces

130 grams

33 grams

Whole wheat flour

4-2/3 ounces

140 grams

35 grams

Sugar or salt, granulated or superfine

7 ounces

200 grams

50 grams