Provender: (pròv´en-der) noun; 1. Dry food,... 2. Provisions, ...  [Middle English provendre, from Old French, alteration of provende, from vulgar Latin *provenda, alteration (influenced by Latin providêre, to provide), of late Latin praebenda.]

This is version of my private recipe makes a finely textured and slightly dark bread with a rich, delicious, chewy crust.  It is a firm and robust blending of the nutty heartiness of whole wheat, a touch of rye, all infused with the wonderful tang of natural sourdough.  A bit lighter than the well-known Poilâne bread, to me it's similar to a fine, light, German "Bauernbrot" (farmers bread).

I an effort to fine tune my recipe, I've decided (albeit a bit belatedly) to save each iteration for historical purposes.  Since, this is a process working upon a living material, it is only natural that this document should be a reflection of that process.  Consequently I suggest that the reader return here often--in order to stay abreast of changes...

My current "favorite" version is:  Provender