Cooking Perfect Rice

The biggest problem with cooking rice is that folks tend to make it too complicated.

This recipe is for REAL RICE, not that garbage from Rice-A-Roni, Uncle Ben or any others of that "converted" stuff.  Use as much into the pot as you like (one cup dry makes about three cups cooked).

You may rinse or not.  If you don't, the rice will be a tad stickier when done, making it better for eating with chopsticks.  If you do, it will turn out a bit fluffier.  I prefer to NOT rinse my rice.

Level the rice in the pot, and just touch the surface of it with your index finger.  Add water until the level comes just up to the crease at the top of the first knuckle on your index finger.

Turn the heat on "High".  Stir the rice once, lightly just before it comes to a boil.  This is so that it doesn't stick.  Let it come to a full, rolling boil.  Lower the heat to about medium, letting it boil, UNDISTURBED, until the free water evaporates and little boiling holes looking like geysers appear in the surface of the rice.

Lower the heat to the lowest possible setting, cover and let it simmer/steam for about twenty minutes.  Whatever you do, DO NOT LIFT THE LID UNTIL THE TIME HAS ELAPSED, and DO NOT STIR THE RICE!

When done, you will have a pot of perfectly cooked rice.